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Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future

Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until they get knocked out. What is your hope when all fails? Discover how to find hope for the future in Jesus.

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Grace Leads to Life Change

The source of genuine life change is not from within us, but the transformational grace that Jesus has shown to us. Jesus’ grace changes everything.

Grace Changes Everything

The difference between following Jesus and any other belief system is that it’s not about what we do for Jesus, but what HE has done for us: GRACE!

Wisdom for Decision Making

There’s no greater indicator of our understanding of wisdom than in our decision making. Stop just hoping for change, but let God’s wisdom empower you.

Re-Evaluate Relationships with Wisdom

Intelligent, gifted individuals often make self-defeating decisions when trying to develop & evaluate relationships. Get Jesus’ wisdom & love to break free.

Value Discipline

Discipline is what keeps us on track and helps us turn potential into a reality. Join us in this message to see how God uses discipline to grow you.

Wisdom in Finances

One of the greatest challenges for how we practice wisdom is how we manage our finances. Get practical insight from God’s Word.

Learning from Experience

Learning from experience doesn’t mean just learning from your own mistakes, but allowing God to open your eyes to what He can teach you through others.

Pursuit of Wisdom

There’s nothing common about common sense. The pursuit of wisdom requires intentionality. The closer you grow to God, the more you discover His wisdom.

Seek God to Guide and Protect You Daily

In the Lord’s Prayer, we invite Jesus to mold and shape us on a daily basis. In this final line of the prayer, we seek God to direct us and protect us daily

Know God as Our Provider

The prayer of Jesus teaches us to rely on and trust in God as our Provider. We invite you to know God & His love for us more through the prayer of Jesus.

Develop a Kingdom Mindset

The prayer of Jesus leads us to recognize God for who He is, shaping our lives our what He is doing, delivering the message of Jesus and the hope He brings.

Get Honest with God through Prayer

We were made to relate to and connect with God, and prayer is key to making that happen. God doesn’t look for a performance in prayer, but for honesty.

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