Pastor – Jeremy Aylett

Before moving to San Diego in 2010, Jeremy was on staff at church in Arkansas for 5 years.  He served with youth and families, college and international students, US and international missions, and media and technology.  Natalia taught English as a second language in Arkansas and now teaches at Grossmont College. They have two sons: Ian who is 3 and Logan who is a year old. They have been married for 10 years.

Fun Facts about the Aylett Family

– Jeremy and Natalia met in college, and Jeremy intentionally switched to one of her classes to have a reason to hang out.
– Natalia is originally from Uruguay and is a die hard Uruguayan soccer fan.  Vamos celeste!!!
– Jeremy and Natalia had a marriage ceremony in the United States and then in Uruguay about 3 weeks apart.
– Jeremy loves to play/watch all kinds of sports, especially playing basketball and golf.  He likes to watch ESPN First Take and hear debates between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
– Ian’s name means “God is gracious.”  Natalia and Jeremy gave him that name to remember how gracious God was in giving them a son.

– Natalia is a huge fan of the Office, Parks and Rec, and most of all Lost.  She prides herself on being able to recognize a quote from almost any character.  Feel free to quiz her when you see her
– Natalia is a huge fan of barbecue.  Uruguay is known for amazing meat; she and Jeremy love it.
– Jeremy is a fan of technology, especially a tech company named after a fruit.  He likes to use technology to communicate the Good News of Jesus.
– Jeremy stated studying Spanish initially because he didn’t like people talking to his Natalia without him understanding.  He loves to speak Spanish and enjoys learning about languages and different cultures.
-Ian loves cars, spending time in the sand at the beach, spiderman, and all things fun!
-Logan loves watching movies and anything that is edible. (Current life mission: to distinguish the edible vs inedible).

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