Learn about Mission Trails Church Mission Valley before you visitWhat do I do with my kids?

We have fun and safe kids’ activities so that you can have a good time in the service knowing your kids are having a good time as well.

Where do you meet?

Check out the maps and directions page for location information by clicking here.

Do you have parking available?

Yes, we have access to Hazard Center Parking.  The easiest access is to park on the ground level of Hazard Center, across the street from the Hazard Center Trolley Stop.  Parking signs are displayed to make it easier to know where to park.

Mission Trails Church Easter Service 2013Do I have to believe in God or Jesus to come?

Absolutely not!  We want to be a church that is fun and engaging, especially for people who don’t go to church or are just beginning their faith journey.  Our greatest hope is that people who have no background in Christianity or have another belief system would absolutely love coming to our church.  We teach messages from the Bible in everyday language, so you don’t need to have a Christian background to understand what we’re talking about.  No matter what background you come from or where you find yourself in life, you are invited to come and check out our church.

What is a church?

A group of people who have placed their faith in Christ and serve together to tell their community and world about who Jesus is and why He’s significant.  A church is made up of people who have placed their faith in Jesus and people who are curious about it.  A church has leadership that is under the ultimate authority of Jesus Christ, since He is the original church founder and the power behind the global movement.

Why are you starting a NEW church?  We start NEW churches…

– Because everyone deserves a chance to know how God reveals their reason for being and their purpose for life.
– To empower people with truth and strength from the Jesus of the Bible.
– To contribute to making communities and neighborhoods better.  We believe that Jesus uses ordinary people in imperfect churches to change the world.
– To provide a nearby, neighborhood feel for the church.
– We work with an amazing network of churches, the NAMB Send Network (Click here to learn more)

Mission Trails Church Mission ValleyWhat does your church believe?

– Creation – God (existing as Father, Son [Jesus], and Holy Spirit) created all things. He made people to be His family and manage His creation under His guidance.  The Bible is God’s Word, reveals God to humanity, and shows us the blueprint for life.  The Bible is the ultimate authority of truth.

– Fall – All people have failed in their responsibilities to themselves, each other, and God at some point.  This has led to brokenness in the world and separation from God’s good plan.  However, God refused to abandon His family, and the Father sent Jesus to bring restoration to people and creation.  God foresaw that people would fail Him before He made us; Jesus was always His way for offering a new start to people.

– Restoration – Jesus came to restore humanity and creation by taking humanity’s punishment for failing in their responsibilities.  He did this by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.  Everyone can be made right with God by placing their faith in Christ, which is a FREE gift offered by Christ.  The Bible teaches that Jesus is the only way for humanity to be restored to God.  This restoration leads to a meaningful, significant, free, hope-filled life that is better than we thought possible through all the ups and downs of life.

We are continuing to compile this list.  Feel free to contact us at MV@missiontrailschurch.com if you have any specific questions you want answered