Built by Jesus Message Series

Jun 7, 2015

Faith in Jesus is more than adherence to a moral code.  It’s about having a life that is molded and shaped by Jesus Himself.

Check out this foundational message series for the Christian faith.  In order for me to get right with God, it’s not about me climbing some spiritual ladder or achieving more than the person next to me.  It’s coming to terms with my brokenness, realizing that Jesus is God and died to take away my punishment.  I accept Jesus’ grace and forgiveness, and He leads me to follow His path.  This series guides you through key elements of a life that is built by Jesus.


A life built by Jesus makes a priority to invest in others. Learn how Jesus helps us follow His example and lay our lives down for others.

Serve in God’s Mission

To serve is a key component of healthy faith and a life built by Jesus. Discover what it means to serve in God’s Mission.

Live in Community with Others

A life built by Jesus means we seek to live in meaningful community with others, both those who share our beliefs and those who are different from us.

Discovering Abundant Life

God’s desire is that you know abundant, meaningful, eternal life that can never be shaken. See how Jesus invites you to experience it.

Rely on God through Prayer

Experience God’s hand upon your life by inviting Him through prayer combined with a willingness to live how He guides.

Build Your Life on God’s Word

Following Jesus means that we don’t just acknowledge His way is right, but we intentionally seek to do what He asks. Check out this message to see how God’s grace and power helps us to do it.

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Hope for the Future

Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until they get knocked out. What is your hope when all fails? Discover how to find hope for the future in Jesus.

Recovering from Failure

David was a man after God’s own heart, but that doesn’t mean he was perfect. In failure, God used David to show us how we can recover also.

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