Every Sunday morning, our children learn key truths from the Bible and about Jesus while having a great time.

Here’s more info about what we do:


For Kindergarten to 3rd grade during our Sunday Service

TrailBlazers_LogoFor 4th – 6th Graders during Sunday Services


Teach God's love & show how we love Him


Show how God helps us love others


Honor God & serve others to make a difference

Our church aims to equip and empower parents to guide their children to love God, love people, and serve to make a difference.  We also like to have fun.  Check out the video below.

bafk-app-iconThe Bible App for Kids is a mobile app designed to introduce children to God’s Word, the Bible.  Click here to learn more.

Right-Now-MediaRightNow Media is like the “Netflix” of Bible study content.  They provide thousands of videos for personal study, small groups, children, volunteers/leaders, and more.  Our church has formed a partnership and all their content is available to us now.  If you would like to sign up, visit our next Sunday Service and visit the Info Table.

Early Childhood Resources

Simple-Truth-BibleA key component to growing in faith is to develop the habit of prayer, Bible study, and application of what we learn.  The Simple Truth Bible provides 1-3 minute devotions that make this manageable for young people (and even older as well).   Learn more at the Info Table after our Sunday Service.

Right-Now-MediaRightNow Media is beneficial to all ages, and you will find Bible study guides that are great for personal study for older elementary and middle school ages.  The video below shows sample Bible study content that’s geared older youth ages, but many different resources area available.

 Older Elementary & Middle School